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Search results for: Kerala Ayurveda and Yoga  - Yoga

Practiced for more than 5000 years, yoga is one of the oldest forms of healing therapy, yoga provides one of the best means of self-improvement and attaining one's full potential. In the advanced stages of yoga, superconscious states are attained which result in a feeling of bliss, deep peace and the emergence of psychic powers.

Yoga was developed and perfected over the centuries by philosophers and mystics in India. It is basically a method by which we increase the body's supply of energy and remove any interference to the transmission of energy throughout the body. Yoga has specialized in this subject for thousands of years, and streamlined the methods to attain this aim.

The word YOGA is derived from the Sanskrit root Yog meaning to bind, to connect, to join, attach and yoke. It thus means a union or communion of the soul to God. Yoga is a complete science of the human being. It takes into account the physical, spiritual and metaphysical aspects of man.

Yoga is the most diversified spiritual practice in the world. Crossing over many cultures (including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and the West), Yoga also extends over multiple languages such as Hindi, Tibetan, Bengali, Sanskrit, Tamil, Prakit, Marathi and Pali. The Yogic tradition continues to proliferate and spread its message of peace to this very day.

Five Principles of Yoga

proper relaxation (savasana);

proper exercise (Asanas);

proper breathing (pranayama);

Proper diet (vegetarian), and;

positive thinking and Meditation (dhyana).


The term meditation is (dhyan) is derived etymologically from the dhyaim meaning reflect. The subject for reflection root can be the same and it can also change. From this view, meditation can also be linked with the continuous process of contemplation on the meaning. If we look at it from this point of view. Meditation for one prahara does not seem to be incongruous or impossible. The first prahara is devoted to the study of the Agamas (scriptures), the second prahara is meant for deep contemplation on the meaning of the Agamas.

Holistic medicines
Every disease is the result of the psychosomatic aspects of the people. As Buddha says, “everything we are is a result our thoughts”. The negative emotions pf the people such as anger, worry, hate, frustration, jealousy, fear etc diminish and destroy our immune system of the body. All these negative emotions can be over come through positive thoughts and emotions like faith, love fellowship, caring, sharing, joy, etc. here comes the role of holistic healings Reiki, pranic healings, counseling, yoga and meditation etc.

In Ayurtheeram we offer special energy healings like Reiki and Pranic Healing.

The Spiritual Energy Meditation, a combination of Psychotherapy, Reiki, and Pranic Healing and Meditation will heal the body and mind and give solace from anxiety and other psychosomatic disorders.

‘’ The doctor of the future will prescribe no drugs, but will interest in the care and nutrition of the human frame and the cause and prevention of disease. ,, Thomas Alva Edison.


Is a Japanese Healing method developed by Dr. Michao Usui. This healing method can be used for both present and absent healings. (Distant healing.)

The word reiki is derived from the Japanese words “rei” meaning universal spirit and “ki” which means energy. The word reiki basically means a balanced cosmic and energy force. The fundamental principle of how reiki works is that it dissolves the toxic energy from your aura or life force. This can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Reiki helps to create equilibrium of energy which in turn creates a harmonious environment within the human body so true healing can take place.

Pranic Healing

Is an energy healing developed by Master Chovako Sui from Philippines works on the principle of Bioplasmic Body? An aura field or an energy field covers the human body. The scarcity of good energy or prana causes diseases. Through advanced pranic healing techniques the energy level of the charkas can be scanned and the affected areas can be found out. After cleansing the areas fresh energy is given to the affected areas.




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