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Like other states in India, Kerala Government has three organs namely the legislature, the Executive and the Judiciary. Each organ has its own functions to perform. The Legislature is the law making body.

Kerala have Unicameral Legislature. ie. there is only one house for state legislature namely the Legislative Assembly. Its members are elected directly by the people on the basis of adult suffrage.

The members of the legislative assembly elect one of its members as its Speaker and another as Deputy Speaker. The Speaker presides over the meetings of the House and conducts its business.The Deputy Speaker performs the functions of the speaker in his absence.The executive of the state consists of the Governor, the Chief Minister and the council of Ministers. The Governor is appointed by the President of India. The Governor is the nominal head of the state. The Governor appoints the leader of the majority party in the Legislative Assembly, as the Chief Minister. The other ministers are appointed by the Governor on the advice of the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister is the real Head of the State Government. The council of ministers is collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly. Judiciary is seperated from the Executive and the Legislature and the constitution provides an independant and impartial Judiciary.

Kerala Chief Minister V S Achuthanandhan

Velikkakathu Sankaran Achuthanandan, Communist politician from Kerala, India. Polit Bureau member of Communist Party of India (Marxist) since 1985. Currently (2006) Leader of Opposition in Kerala Legislative Assembly.

Born on 20 October 1923 in Alappuzha district of Kerala state,VS had to give up his studies after finishing VII standard.He entered the world of politics through Trade Union activities.Joined State Congress in 1938. Like many a young men of his age, he became disillusioned with the policies and politics of the Congress and he became member of the Communist Party in 1940

Ommen ChandiSon of Shri K.O. Chandy and Smt. Baby Chandy; born at Kumarakom on 31st October 1943, B.A, B.L; Political, Trade Union and Social Worker


Adress:Puthupally House, Jagathy,

Phone Numbers:2333812,  2332184,2333682, 2518666, 2512040

A K Antony

Arackaparambil Kurian Antony (1941-) the present Chief minister of Kerala is political idealism personified.

Born as the son of Arackaparambil Kurian Pillai and Aleyamma at Cherthala in Alappuzha he came to the public platform leading the student's movements in his school days. Antony is one among the rarest leaders who is recognised and respected by all political parties and the people in all walks of life.

Antony is the epitome of unpolluted politics. He has no fascination for titles, no haughtiness of power. He proved himself that he as no attraction towards the chair of power.

E K Nayaranar  E.K. Nayanar, 1919-2004.
ERAMBALA KRISHNAN NAYANAR was the last of the generation of political leaders in Kerala, feudal in origin and radical in politics, who had committed themselves to the lot of the ordinary and downtrodden people and earned their uninhibited respect and affection. He was born into wealth and privilege in British-ruled Malabar (north Kerala), at a time when the Congress was considered by the authorities as a recruiting ground for subversives, and communist ideas were sprouting in the country. His father Govindan Nambiar, however, believed in the feudal way of life and would often fly into a rage when the young Nayanar began to frequently don the Gandhi cap as a student volunteer enticed into the national movement by his close relatives, most prominently, uncle and the late communist leader K.P.R. Gopalan.

The design of the national flag was adopted by the Constituent
Assembly of India on 22 July 1947.

National Song

Vande Mataram! Vande Mataram!
Sujalam, suphalam, malayaja shitalam, Shasyashyamalam, Mataram! Shubhrajyothsna pulakitayaminim, Phullakusumita drumadala shobhinim,
Suhasinim sumadhura bhashinim,
Sukhadam varadam, Mataram!

English Translation of Indian National Song

I bow to thee, Mother,
richly-watered, richly-fruited,
cool with the winds of the south,
dark with the crops of the harvests, The Mother!
Her nights rejoicing in the glory of the moonlight, her lands clothed beautifully with her trees in flowering bloom, sweet of laughter, sweet of speech,
The Mother, giver of boons, giver of bliss

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