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Search results for: Kerala Police

Approximately 42,149 strong police force of the state of Kerala in the Republic of India. Kerala Police serves a population of over 31.8 million residing in five cities, 53 municipal towns, and 1452 villages spread over an area of 38,863 square kilometers with an average population density of 819 per square kilometer. Of this, about 8.2 million people live in urban areas and 23.6 million live in rural areas. Kerala Police investigates about 175,000 cases per year.

Kerala Police, in its present form, dates back to 1956 when the state itself was created in the course of re-organization of states following the independence of India in 1947. In the pre-independence era, the region consisted of the princely states of Travancore and Cochin, and the Malabar region that came under the erstwhile province of Madras. Although the princely states did have their traditional forms of policing all along, the semblance of a modern police force was created in the late 19th century under the British rule. Oliver H. Bensley became the first Superintendent of Police for the state of Travancore in 1881. As the organization grew, Khan Bahadur Sayyid Abdul Karim Suhrawardy became the first Inspector General of Police of Travancore in 1938. The state of Cochin got its first IGP in 1942. The IGP of Malabar was based at Madras. Many of the handwritten records and the weaponry used by the police force over a century ago survive to this date and provide an interesting peep into the past of the organization, the way it functioned and the society it served.






District police telephone numbers and mobile number of Officers

Sabarimala Helplines

1.      Sannidhanam                  2.      Pamba                         



9946  100100

9946  200100

Police Control Rooms

The telephone numbers of Police Control Rooms in different districts are given below:

1. Thiruvananthapuram City :   100/0471-2331843
2. Thiruvananthapuram Rural :   100/0471-2316995
3. Kollam :   100/0474-2746000
4. Pathanamthitta :   100/0468-2222226
5. Alappuzha :   100/0477-2251166
6. Kottayam :   100/0481-5550400
7. Idukki :   100/04862-221100
8. Ernakulam City :   100/0484-2359200
9. Ernakulam Rural :   100/0484-2621100
10. Thrissur :   100/0487-2424193
11. Palakkad :   100/0491-2522340
12. Malappuram :   100/0483-2734966
13. Kozhikode City :   100/0495-2721831
14. Kozhikode Rural :   100/0496-2523091
15. Wayanad :   100/04936-205808
16. Kannur :   100/0497-2763337
17. Kasaragod :   100/04994-222960




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