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Kerala Sports Council at Trivandrum holds a number of sports events including acquatic sports. In all important towns , facilities for Tennis to the sportsman are available.Cricket, Hockey, Football, Baseball and Tennis are the popular games played.

Alleppey The best place in the world for backwater cruises and boat races. It is from here that the backwater cruises take off through a network of canals, on the shores of which, there are villages against the backdrop of thousands of coconut trees. The landscape is fantastic, befitting its official dub of being 'God's own country'. There are the fantastic boat races, with 30 metre-long snake-shaped boats, and hundreds of oarsmen singing loudly as they tug at the oars, competing for the highest prize in these parts. If the boat races are pure adrenalin, the backwater cruises are no less.

The Kerala Sports Council was established in 1974 as a grant-in-aid institution for promoting sports in Kerala. During the Tenth Plan Rs 58.25 crores is set apart for various activities of Sports and Youth Affairs Department and out of that Kerala Sports Council is provided with an outlay of Rs 43.50 crores which constitutes 75% of the total outlay for sports.

The Kerala Sports Council has 21 sports school hostels accommodating 330 students which impart training in sports and games. In addition there are 32 sports hostels  attached with colleges with an intake of 299 students. There are 7 centralised sports hostels functioning in the State with an intake of 214 students functioning at Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Alappuzha, Ernakulam, Thrissur and Kasargod. Rural Coaching Centres are functioning under the District Sports Councils. These centres give facilities for the sports disciplines popular in the locality. The Kerala Sports Council  implements the social security and welfare programmes viz, pension to sportsmen in indigent circumstances. Monthly pension at the rate of Rs 400 is given to those below 60 years of age, Rs 600 to those of age between 60 and 70 years and Rs 800 to those above 70 years of age. Assistance was given to 190 persons during 2002-03. The amount spent for this purpose was Rs 15.55 lakhs.Kerala State Youth Welfare Board.

Kerala State Youth Welfare Board came into existence in 1985. In Kerala Youth constitute 40% of the population and 40 lakh youth remain unemployed. The function of the Board is to guide them on the right path for finding employment and to bring them into the main stream. At present there are three Youth Hostels functioning at Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam and Kozhikode.

The Board has established the National Adventure Academy at Munnar,which provides training in paragliding, trekking and rock climbing. During the Tenth Plan period the Board proposes to start a State Youth Centre and 14 District Youth Centres. It has also proposed to form 58 Municipal/Corporation Youth Level Federations, 152 Block level Youth Federations, 991 Grama Panchayat Level Youth Federations and 15078 Ward Clubs. Besides, the Board conducts Keralotsavam throughout the State, National Integration Camps, Training for employment of Youth and related activities.

Some of the commonly practiced Kerala martial arts and sports are-

  • Aattakalasham
  • Ammanattam
  • Anthakshari
  • Chathurangam
  • Golikali
  • Kalapootu
  • Kalarippayattu
  • Kalavayal
  • Kalayottam
  • Kankettu
  • Kavadikali
  • Kilithattukali
  • Kilukkikuthu
  • Kozhipporu
  • Kumbala
  • Kuttiyumkolum
  • Kuzhipanthukali
  • Maramadi
  • Nadanpanthukali
  • Onathallu
  • Pakidakali
  • Pallaankuzhi
  • Pambaramkali
  • Thaduthuthallu
  • Thalapanthukali
  • Thongikali
  • Thumbithullal
  • Uriyadi
  • Vadipayattu
  • Vallamkali
  • Vattukali

Water Sports

Kerala is covered by the rivers, lagoons and lakes in the interiors and surrounded by the sea on the west. These geomorphological features make it an ideal destination for tourists with fascination for the water sports. The water sports are enjoyed for adventure and thrill. While at Kerala, you can enjoy water sports like Canoeing, Catamaran Sailing, Kayaking, Para Sailing, Scuba Diving, Snorkeling and Wind Surfing.

Water sports activities offered by various beach resorts and sports clubs in Kerala include Canoeing, Kayaking and Para Sailing. Each beach of Kerala is completely unique and different from one another because of their dive conditions and marine life. The tourists, because of their natural beauty as well as the water sports activity, haunt these beaches.

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The Kerala Sports Council
The Kerala Sports Council has 21 sports school hostels accommodating 330 students which impart training in sports and games.There are 32 sports hostels attached with colleges with 299 students.
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